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Systems Thinking

The Leadership Looking Glass: Reimagine the basic tenets of business. Magical insights arming you with the tools needed to bring clarity to chaos.

Swim Lanes & Silos: Corporate Myths Holding the Future Hostage: A healing look at what needs to be released and acompelling invitation to the new realities waiting.

Holographic Leadership: The Future is Now: The rise of holographic technology offers us a glimpse into a new type of leadership beckoning to corporate leaders.

Women's Empowerment

The 100th Anniversary: An Invitation for a New Era: 2020 will be the 100th anniversary for women’s right to vote in the US. Next year is a portal to a new era.

Is it the System or Is it Me?: The path your audience can follow to live a more rewarding life – personally and professionally.

Intuitive Intelligence: Unlocking Your Secret Weapon: A roadmap for the new leadership required to create a future of respect and dignity for all. An ancient path of wisdom that is calling out to women around the world.

The Future of Leadership

Jump into the Driver’s Seat of Your Career: The four stages of building your signature leadership brand with purpose and intention.

The Science of the Spoken Word: Revolutionary new ways of thinking about language and how to use its full power.

Think Like a Hacker: How to Code the Life You Want: Everything in the digital world is designed using code, a systematic set of rules creating a desired outcome.

Conscious Capitalism: Redefine and measure success by the ways we positively impact lives.

What Companies Are Saying

H.O.P.E. – Harnessing Our Power Everyday

Ask about our specialty options of graphic facilitation, corporate magician, give-a-ways, and more . . .
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Ask about our specialty options of graphic facilitation, corporate magician, give-a-ways, and more . . .
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Each Learning Event is Carefully Orchestrated to Create Magic

Creating magic with you is what Kim does best. Light years away from the “high-maintenance” reputation of some keynote speakers, Kim enters into a trusted partnership to create a life-changing experience for your attendees.

Kim’s flexibility to pivot as needed during events is key to your success. Her easy-going attitude makes your job easier, and working together more fun.

Kim’s genuine desire to serve and her attention to the goals of the overall experience makes her an asset to your next big event.

She brings over two decades of advice, insight and wisdom into your planning process.

Making a Global Impact

Kim has presented keynotes across the globe, as well as, trained and coached leaders from 33 countries.
Kim is an inspirational speaker that serves as a CATALYST for change.
She co-creates powerful experiences with her clients that leads to continued conversations.

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To date, I have never received more calls and emails about a keynote speaker. Kim was WONDERFUL.
I'm proud to share that PSBTA has worked with her for the last three years. Each year we create new opportunities for members to engage with Kims amazing content. Every time we receve more and more calls and emails from our members about how much they enjoyed, learned and were inspired to grom from there time with Kim.
Ryan Schlemmer, Past President of PSBTA
Members include Expedia, Uber, Delta, Marriott and many other travel related corporations